The dream promotion you’ve been working towards for years comes open. You think it’s yours. You even tell your friends and family. But then you discover you’ve been backstabbed. A co-worker, Steve, has been whispering rumors about you behind your back. Now, your boss is avoiding you. You fear the writing is on the wall!
Based on past experiences where you’ve been treated unfairly, how do you think you would react to this situation….
A Humiliating Fast Exit - Your worst fears come true. The boss sits you down and explains Steve(your gossiping co-worker) will be stepping into the new manager role. “I hope you don’t have a problem working with him” he tells you. You try to explain what happened, but it falls on deaf ears. You start looking for a new job.
A Slow, Bumpy Exit - Angry, you decide to fight fire with fire. It seemingly works! Steve is fired and you get the promotion. But, you quickly realize the job isn’t like what you thought... Longer hours, more time spent with your jerk boss, and the pay isn’t even worth it. You almost wish you’d never even received the promotion. What a headache!
A Smooth, Easy Transition - You realize everything about your workplace is toxic. And it’s time to move on. So, you ask the Universe for help to find a perfect fit. The very next day, you bump into a colleague at another company. They’re hiring and he even offers to make you an introduction. 24 hours later, and you’re in a job you LOVE and earning way more than before! You’ve manifested magic!